Can TLIMS be helpful in case of a chain of Labs and Collection Centre?

Yes, TLIMS is ideal for chain of LABS and Collections Centre. Customer is given the independence to decide whether they want a system with Centralized data or require a Decentralized data management.

Can I use the software without an internet connection ?

Yes, TLIMS can be used without an internet connection for Standalone Labs. The only requirement will be a computer and a LAN connection

We're using Desktop Based application for Reporting, How is TLIMS is different ?

Desktop based application requires multiple installations depending upon the no. of users; whereas WEB based application installation require Single machine / Server installation. Web based applications have lower costs due to reduced support and maintenance, and simplified architecture. As compared to Desktop applications, Web based application is user-friendly and Cost effective. Display Web based application can be remotely accessed by using Public IP as well as internet connection at any time and anywhere.

What IT Hardware will require if we want to install TLIMS ?
Hardware Minimum Recommended
Processor 1.7 GHz 2.0 GHz
Screen Resolution 1366 X 768 1600 X 1200
Monitor Size 14 15
OS Windows 7 Server Edition
Can EMR be Integrated as per our inputs and requirements?

We welcome your suggestions to cater you to your highest satisfaction. We can Integrate TLIMS with Other Software whenever required. We will be glad to Satisfy our Clients and get recommendation from them.

What are the benefits of TLIMS to our patients ?

Definitely TLIMS equally takes care of your patients. Auto Notifications related to their Lab Test and Reports. We have designed A Complete Patient Module for the Patient so they can be connected with LAB at any time and anywhere through any platform, Like, Laptop, Mobile, Tablets and etc.

Does TLIMS help in cost reduction? How?

100%. Our software will certainly help in reducing the Operational cost. Our software offers effective Appointment and Queue Management Features and reducing workload for all the Departments. Our Software Help Laboratories to avoid Human Errors.

Is TLIMS Secure ? Patient Data Confidential ?

TLIMS is a highly secured System. The data is stored in an encrypted format into the Database. Also the software offers full rights to the customer to define the User specifics rights hence make certain ‘Who can see what’ and take appropriate decision. No Data Loss. Real Time Data Backup withing the network and Cloud as per your Choice.