Our Mission And  Core Values

  • Our VISION is to be a global leader in Healthcare IT solutions and services with impetus on Innovation, Productivity, and implementation of ethical Business Strategies – with the ultimate aim of giving back to the society.core value
  • Our VISION is to help our clients unlock the potential of global delivery by building world-class extended teams.
  • We guarantees access to world class talent while managing the process, infrastructure, people, cultural diversities, legal, quality, communication, administrative, and managerial aspects of your outsourced operations.
  • We work hard to ensure that your outsourcing operation is successful and your corporate objectives are met.
  • We works with customers to successfully increase their business resources in a sustainable and profitable manner.
  • Our Support Services enable customers to delight their customers with multi-channel, 24×7 support.
  • Our MISSION is to CREATE innovative products and DELIVER excellence in services with constant emphasis on engineering, process quality and customer satisfaction – We ADD value to your business.mission
  • Our mission is to touch the horizon where our capabilities may successfully meet with the requirements of our clients, that too with ultimate transparency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Elevate our clients to intelligent enterprises by providing smarter systems and thereby helping them to do better business.
  • To establish strategic partnerships with our clients, in the areas of Healthcare Software Product Development while fulfilling our employees’ aspirations.
  • To create a business impact and become a competitive advantage for our clients by virtue of our world-class and cost-effective service delivery.
  • To create an extended family environment for our employees and propagate a fun culture, while preserving our core value system.
  • We don’t confine ourselves to business activities and profit generation; we extend our concerns to the environment we live in for a collective betterment.

overviewSince Begining, TLIMS has been directed by a set of values that has shaped the way we work and defined our relationship with clients, employees and community as a whole. Today, these values, imbibed with the company’s vision and mission, act as directive compass guiding our business strategies and future growth. Guided by integrity and respect, we deliver trust, confidentiality and ethics whereas, excellence talks about our skills and ambitions

Trade and commerce as we use to call are now businesses with more than one objective. The business functions that we handled in a traditional way are now being pampered Using Latest Art of Technology stemming from innovations in Healthcare IT. The successful players and other budding companies are striking their best efforts to come up with possibilities in existing solutions and platforms to generate new solutions.

Other businesses whose very sustenance is challenged by the use of these support systems offered by the Healthcare IT are also on the look for technical intervention in every possible stream of action to enhance their productivity and profitability. This galloping horse called innovation seems to have no definite destination. Driven by what is present and the scope it opens up for the near future we are construing our efforts for an unknown betterment. Technology not only simplifies functions but also brings in complexity. To combat the so-called complexities we create newer technologies and the cycle continues.

Businesses and creators of technology need a balanced outlook on innovation and development. We ought to have a corporate social responsibility that regulates growth, adopt areas that are underdeveloped and minimize the threat posed to the environment and the global population by technological advancement.

Our Strength :
• Headquartered in world-class IT HUB CITY – PUNE
• ISO Certified 9001:2008
• Dedicated onsite & remote IT infrastructure support hub to ensure 99% uptime
• Excellent infrastructure facility with 24×7 support center
• Statutory compliance standards in coding, data transmission protocols and web services
• Stringent audit controls & multi-layered security
• Own total delivery responsibility
• Established strong customer base in East Africa & India
• Serving more than 3 Years in Healthcare IT.
• Centralized multi-chained Labs locations in India and Africa.
• Ensured absolute support and security to our customers